Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Peace on Earth - What You Should to Know

If you ask people do they want peace on earth most will answer yes. However many fail to realize that peace on earth begins at home.

I am inspired to write this blog because a friend of mine recently experienced a family conflict where, with an open heart, he was simply trying to be helpful in giving his nephew advice. That advice was both solicited and well received  by the nephew. My friend, thinking he had done a good deed, was met with a backlash of outrage and anger from the nephew’s mother. She is refusing to communicate and has canceled the weekly dinners both families shared.

How does one cope with this unexpected burst of anger and how does one explain this type of behavior to a child especially at a time of year when families are normally gathered together in love?

I have similar conflict in my family and many others do as well.  Unfortunately, in some cases, this type of behavior often dates back for generations making it a learned behavior.

Considering this:
  • How can we have peace on earth if you’re unwilling to create peace within your own family?
  • Is this a behavior and a coping skill you want to teach to your children?
Quite simply conflict is caused by black and white thinking. It’s a mentality of “you are wrong and I am right and you must be the person I want you to be or I cut you out of my life.”

Black and white thinking is full of judgment, hatred, and anger. There is not even a hint of love. It’s the type of thinking that creates wars not only between families but between religions and countries.

Life is not black and white. Life is full of gray areas. When we open our minds and our hearts we can begin to release the anger and communicate with one another. When we begin to realize that the world is complex and people are complex we can become more forgiving, compassionate, and understanding, and we can start to create peace on earth right in our own homes.

If you want peace on earth then start now by realizing it begins at home. It begins with you by:
  • giving the benefit of the doubt,
  • keeping your heart open,
  • having compassion,
  • forgiving,
  • and communicating.
It’s simply impossible to bring down the walls of conflict without open and honest communication. A silent standoff never solved anything.  Peace on earth starts with you.

My wish for all of you this holiday season is Peace on Earth.