Monday, May 18, 2015

Is Self-care the Missing Piece in Your Life?

I recently sent out a request for information to a large group of professional women. I asked if they were currently having or had previously had a chronic illness and if so, could I have a few minutes of their time interview them.  The willingness to assist me was overwhelming. I received responses from over 200 women.

Some responded to saying they couldn’t help because they never experienced a chronic illness and many of them continued on to share with me how they stay healthy.  There was a resounding theme in their self-care practice – Proper nutrition, regular exercise, proper rest, and time for spiritual reflection. These women are living fully balanced, productive lives and protecting their health at the same time.

Self-care is absolutely essential for maintaining a productive and balanced life.  It’s when we fail to take the time for self-care, when we push past our capacity and run ourselves down that we risk damaging our health. The ability to operate at maximum capacity requires regular self-care. It’s a balancing act that will pay off long-term and allow you to reap rewards in all areas of your life. You will function better with more energy and less stress. You will make better decisions and have a clearer focus in all that you do.

Taking the time to release stress and get recharged is not an option. It’s a requirement. Taking the time to love and appreciate yourself first allows you to more effectively give to others.

I often suggest to my clients, take a lesson from airline safety, put your oxygen mask on first, before attempting to assist others.  If you are rundown and depleted, your ability to assist others diminishes. You may also feel resentment as you push forward without enough oxygen (energy) for yourself.

What will you do, starting today to take better care of yourself? Begin with small steps, small steps every day. And soon you will be on a regular self-care routine.

I welcome your comments and questions.