Saturday, July 25, 2015

Are You Someone Who Requires Scientific Proof?

As a healer, and health and wellness coach I work with a wide range of individuals suffering from a variety of physical conditions - everything from digestive disorders and joint pain to disabling and sometimes life-threatening conditions. I know what I do with my clients works. How do I know? I developed my healing techniques and strategies for myself while battling a chronic condition that rendered me fully disabled for nearly a decade. Medical science did not have a cure for me. They only had treatments to help make my condition more manageable. But that wasn’t good enough for me. I knew I wanted to get well. I knew I wanted my life back. Now I use the techniques and strategies that allowed me to regain my health (and return to work over 16 years ago) to assist my clients in achieving the same healing results.
I have witnessed evidence of healing in over 99% of my clients, but I don’t always get to see scientific proof like this. The image you see was recently sent to me by a client. The client prefers to keep their identity and their condition confidential at this time, but they have allowed me to share this image.

To be clear, the images on the left labeled "two weeks after" were taken in April 2015 following a series of serious, debilitating physical events. The images on the right were taken in the fourth week of July 2015. A close examination of the images on the left as compared to the images on the right provide concrete evidence that we are not only healing the body but in fact reversing the damage. My client reported to me that the doctor was surprised and amazed by what he saw. His reaction was, “Oh my God! I’m so relieved! I did not expect to see this. I was afraid it'd be worse."

Although I am confident in my abilities as a healer, and a health and wellness coach, having this kind of scientific evidence to share makes my heart sing. As an alternative therapist, all too often I am confronted with doubt from potential clients as to whether or not what I do works. I am often opposed with resistance, mostly due to fear. Unfortunately, too often a patient can become “addicted” to their condition. Let me explain.

Every situation in life has advantages and disadvantages. Having a chronic health condition can have the advantage of letting a person “off the hook” of taking responsibility for their life. A chronic condition can provide an excuse to cop out on the demands of life. It’s only when the disadvantages outweigh the advantages that a client becomes ready, willing and able to do anything and everything to get well.

When I take an in-depth look at medical science I am amazed at what they are able to achieve. The breakthroughs in research are sometimes beyond belief. The fact that medical science can transplant organs, replace joints, eradicate some diseases, perform delicate surgeries on the heart and brain, etc. proves to me that medical science is a miracle in and of itself.

But have we become too dependent on medical science? I believe we have. I work from the premise that we must be proactive and empowered patients and take full responsibility for our health, our healthcare, and our healing if we want to get well. And that is exactly what this client is doing. The type of progress shown in this image is largely due to the client’s willingness to do the necessary work. The best treatments and techniques in the world are ineffective if the client/patient is unwilling to participate. This is true whether you are working with an alternative therapist or with medical science and helps to explain why one patient can recover while another, with the same diagnosis, remains ill or even dies.
According to the United States Centers for Disease Control, about half of our adult population has some sort of chronic health condition and one in four has two or more.  This is a clear indication that medical science simply does not have all the answers. If you're dependent on them for a cure, you may be disappointed.

Special thanks to my secret client for being so willing to do the work and for allowing me to share these test results. Onward and upward to a full recovery!

Are you ready to take responsibility for your health and recovery? Do you have a strong desire to get well? Take a few minutes to review my website then request a complimentary “Get Your Health Back Now” session with me today.

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